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Join the Gateways Registry


The Gateways to Opportunity Registry is an early care and education workforce registry for individuals who work with or on behalf of children and families in Illinois.  Joining the Gateways Registry is a requirement for many groups, including those in licensed child care centers and family child care homes, paraprofessionals working in Preschool for All sites that do not have a professional educator license, home visitors and supervisors funded through MIECHV, and more.  Joining the Gateways Registry also gives you access to the online trainings offered through the Gateways i-learning site.

Follow these steps to join the Gateways Registry:

1. Get an online user account if you don't already have one.

2. Go to http://registry.ilgateways.com and click the "Dashboard Login" menu option.

3. Enter your username and password to log in.

4. You will be prompted to complete the Gateways Registry application, step-by-step. If you have participated in Gateways programs or trainings through your CCR&R, you may find that we already have some information filled in for you.


If you are a license-exempt family, friend, or neighbor caregiver and are joining the Gateways Registry to meet CCAP training requirements, see this article about how to best complete the Step 2 - Current Employment section of the application.

After you click the "Submit Application" button on the last page, you will see a congratulations screen appear like the one shown below.  Please take a moment to print your Registry Member ID card (noted by the red arrow).  You will need your Registry Member ID when you attend trainings so they will show up on your Professional Development Record.


If you are sharing a computer and multiple people at your site are registering, be sure to click the Logout link when you are done so that those who register after you do not over-write your information.

Note: Your membership is valid for one year and then must be renewed.  You will receive an email about a month before your renewal date as a reminder.  We encourage you to add registry@ilgateways.com and onlinehelp@inccrra.org to your email contacts/address book to ensure that our emails go through to you and do not get trapped in a spam filter.

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