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Find and Take Training


As a member of the Gateways to Opportunity Registry, you have a variety of training opportunities at your fingertips! These trainings have all been Registry-approved, which means that on successful completion they will automatically be added to your Professional Development Record (PDR). Trainings are available both in-person and online.

To Locate In-Person Training

The Statewide Training Calendar is your one-stop resource for Registry-approved training. You can search by keyword, date, location, and more.

1. On the Gateways Registry website, find the "Be A Member" menu and click the "Find Training" option

2. Search the calendar by keyword to find training on a specific topic (e.g., "infant", "Level 1", etc.)

a. The default date range will search the next 2 weeks, but you can change that to search a wider date range (up to 90 days)

b. To search by specific location, click the "Show Advanced Search" link


c. The Advanced Search allows you to search by County or Service Delivery Area (SDA)


A Service Delivery Area is a grouping of nearby counties. Each SDA is served by a Child Care Resource and Referral agency. Searching for trainings in the SDA where you are located is an easy way to find trainings that may be in your general area of the state. To find your SDA and the local CCR&R that serves that area, check here.

Take Online Training

The Gateways i-learning system has more than 50 online trainings available to you free of charge. The site also categorizes trainings based on common needs such as training required for DCFS Licensing, training required to be a CCAP provider, and training for ExceleRate Illinois.

1. Visit http://courses.inccrra.org to access the Gateways i-learning system

2. At the top right, click the "Log In" button and log in using the same username/password that you use to log in to the Gateways Registry Dashboard

3. Click into one of the colored boxes to view available online training and enroll for free


Looking for more online training? Check out this list of online training courses offered by other agencies that are also Registry-approved!

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