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Completing the Current Employment section for license-exempt family, friend, and neighbor caregivers


If you are a license-exempt family, friend, or neighbor caregiver who is paid by the state to care for children, please follow these instructions to complete Section 2 - Current Employment of the Gateways Registry application. 

1. To begin, select "Yes" from the drop-down. Then, click the button that appears to "Search for Employer".


2. In the window that pops up, search by your last name.


3. Your search results will appear and you will most likely not be listed. To add yourself as a caregiver, click the "No matches? Add a new place of employment button" at the bottom of the window.


4. You'll be brought back to the main screen and will need to complete the required fields. Follow the instructions on the screen shot below to complete the required fields. Then, click the button to "Continue to Step 3".


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