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I didn't get my Registry Member ID


Once you complete the process of becoming a member of the Gateways Registry, you are issued a Registry Member ID. This ID starts with the letter "N" and is followed by several numbers.

If you believe you did not receive a Registry Member ID number, it is possible that you did not fully complete the Registry Membership application. It is a 2-step process where the first step is requesting an online user account and the second step involves filling out the application.

You can easily check whether you completed the application by trying to log in to your Registry Dashboard. If you have not completed an application, you will be prompted to do that right away.

  1. Go to https://registry.ilgateways.com
  2. Click on the "Dashboard Login" menu item
  3. Log in using the username/password you set up

If you are not prompted to complete an application and instead see a screen welcoming you back, your membership is current and your Registry Member ID number will be displayed next to your name as shown in the screen shot below.


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