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Reporting CPR and First Aid Certification


If you are certified in CPR and/or First Aid, you can update your Registry profile to report those certifications.

Note for IDHS CCAP Training Requirements

In order to meet the IDHS CCAP Training Requirements, your CPR and First Aid certifications must be reported in this manner. It is not enough to simply report that you took the training - the actual certification itself must be reported. Follow these steps carefully to ensure that your record is accurate!

Follow these steps to report your CPR and First Aid Certifications:

1. Log in to your Registry Dashboard.


3. Click on the tab titled "Credentials".

4. Select "CPR" from the drop-down, click "Add", and enter the required information. Click the Save button.

5. Next, select "First Aid" from the drop-down, click "Add", and enter the required information. Click the Save button.

Tips for Success

  • Have your CPR and First Aid certification cards handy when you complete this information. The cards should have information about when the certification was issued/awarded and when it expires/needs to be renewed (typically 2 years after award).
  • There are many sources of CPR and First Aid certification. Common sources are the American Heart Association and American Red Cross. Look at your certification card to see which organization you are certified through. (It typically is not the same as the place you were trained.) You will see many listings in the Registry for these organizations. It may be easiest to choose the listing for the headquarters of the organization. For American Heart Association, use the one listed in Dallas, TX. For American Red Cross, use the one listed in Washington, DC.


You can also check out a short video tutorial on this topic featured on our YouTube channel.

Want a tip sheet on this topic? You can download a copy below.

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