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Self-Reporting Mandated Reporter Training for IDHS CCAP Requirements


In order to meet the 9/30/17 IDHS Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Training Requirements, child care center providers, licensed family child care, and license-exempt home care providers must complete the Child Abuse and Neglect/Mandated Reporter training through DCFS. This training is available online only through DCFS. Once you complete it, you must self-report it in the Registry in order for it to show up on this report. Please ensure the words "Mandated Reporter" are included and spelled correctly when you type in the title of the training.

To self-report the Mandated Reporter training, follow these steps:

1. Log in to the Registry Dashboard

2. Go into the My Registry portal (click the words "MY REGISTRY")

3. Go into the Learn section (click the word "LEARN")

4. Click the Add New link at the bottom of the listing

5. Enter the following information:

Training Name:  Mandated Reporter

Trainer Name:  DCFS

Contact Hours:  2

Completed Date:  [enter the Issued Date listed on your certificate of completion]

6. Click the Save button


7. The Mandated Reporter training should now appear in your list of self-reported trainings and will also appear on your Completion of IDHS CCAP Training Requirements Individual Report.

Note About Training Name

You may choose to enter the training name differently than instructed here. As long as the words "Mandated Reporter" are included somewhere in the training name, and are spelled correctly, the entry will meet the requirements.

You can also check out a short video tutorial on this topic featured on our YouTube channel.

You can also download a tip sheet for this topic below.

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