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Completion of IDHS 9/30/2017 CCAP Training Requirements


Directors and program administrators can access a report through the Director Portal that allows them to monitor progress toward completion of the IDHS 9/30/2017 CCAP Training Requirements. In order to access this report, you must first request access to the Director Portal.


Access to the Director Portal expires after a year and must be renewed. To renew, simply fill out the Authorized Program Contact Access Request Form and submit it according to the instructions on the form.

Running the Report

1. Go to http://registry.ilgateways.com

2. Click the "Dashboard Login" menu item and log in with your username and password

3. Click the words "Director Portal" and then click the word "Reports"


4. Click the "Get Report" button that appears for the IDHS CCAP 2017 Training Requirements report


5. The report is grouped to show requirements for directors and then requirements for teaching staff. (If individuals hold a current Gateways Credential that meets the requirements, the name of that credential will appear (e.g., "ECE 5"). Otherwise, the date on which the module was completed will be shown.)


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