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Preparing for Success in Online Learning


Be Strategic - 

Read the instructions for each course:

  • Do not try to skip ahead
  • Read all the instructions - even if you have read course instructions for other courses
  • When slides have links or buttons to click, wait until the audio narration is complete or until you have been instructed to click the link

Read course descriptions and time requirements

  • The time listed is an average and may take more or less time depending on your prior experience with online learning and the topic of the training

Review licensing requirements, ExceleRate IL standards, CCAP provider training requirements, and the needs of you and/or your employer

Use your time wisely by taking only the courses you need.


Dedicate time - 

It may not take as much time as going to a face-to-face training, but learners should expect to spend an appropriate amount of time on the online course

There is a commitment of time and energy required to be successful in online learning

Courses do not have to be completed in a single sitting, but they do need to be completed within the enrollment period (quarter) when they were begun


Deal with distractions -

The courses on the Gateways i-learning System are highly interactive and not conducive to multi-tasking. Minimize or eliminate as many distractions during your learning times as possible so you can focus on the content and tasks of the course.


Take control -

Online learning is a self-study situation. It is up to you to take control of your professional development and overcome the barriers and obstacles to your learning process.  Whether they are personal issues (family crises, increased workloads, lack of self-discipline) or technical issues (poor internet connections, bad software, lack of computer skill), it is ultimately your responsibility to seek solutions and complete the course.  Your success is truly your own in online learning!


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