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Print Your Registry Membership ID Card (includes video)


Once you submit your online Registry Membership application, you can print out your Registry Membership ID card.  This feature is always available should you lose your card and need to print out a new one.

To print your Registry Membership ID card, follow these steps:

1. Be sure you're logged in to the Registry Dashboard (if you just completed your application online, you're logged in)

2. Navigate to the My Registry portal

3. Click into the Plan section

4. Click the Reports tab

5. The Registry Member ID Card is the first report listed - simply click the Get Card button and you'll be prompted to either open the report or save it

a. Choose Open if you'd like to just print your card

b. Choose Save if you'd like to save the card electronically to your computer

6. Print and cut our your card

You can also check out a short video tutorial on this topic featured on our YouTube channel.

See a quick step-by-step slide show.

Gateways to Opportunity® Registry Tips - Download or print a tip sheet on this topic

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