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Update Your Current Employment


If you switch jobs or move to a different employer, you can easily update that information in the Gateways Registry.

To update your current employment, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Gateways Registry site at http://registry.ilgateways.com

2. Click the Dashboard Login menu option

3. Log in using your username and password

4. Click the My Registry Portal, then click the Update section

5. The second tab will say Employment - when you click that tab, it will ask you if you still work at the place you previously reported to the Registry

If you still work at the same place, but in a different position, click "OK" and then update the information about your position (e.g., your title, ages of children served, etc.).

If you work at a new employer or program, click "Cancel". You'll then click the red "Search for Employer" button to find your new employer and will the fill out the rest of the information about your new position.

Tips for Success
  • If you work in a licensed child care center or family child care home, try searching using your DCFS license number.  (Your center director can help you find out what it is.)  That is the easiest way to search for a licensed program.
  • If you are a licensed family child care provider, your business name is typically in the format of Last Name, First Name - just like it would show on your license.
  • Instead of typing a full program name into the search, try just part of the name.  Sometimes we see names that are abbreviated.


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