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For prompt assistance resolving common issues and questions with regard to the Gateways Registry, online training, or the IDHS CCAP Training Requirements, please review these frequently asked questions.


Q: I forgot my username/password. How do I retrieve it?

A: On the Dashboard Login screen of the Registry website, there are links below the login form that say "Forgot Username?" and "Forgot Password?".  Clicking those links will allow you to retrieve your username and re-set your password.  For more information see our articles on retrieving your username and re-setting your password.


Q: I never got a Registry Member ID after I signed up. Where do I find it?

A: Joining the Gateways Registry is a 2-step process. First, you request an online user account. This gives you a username and password. Then, you need to log in to the Registry Dashboard and complete the Registry Membership application. At the end of the application you will immediately receive your Registry Member ID.  For more information, please see this article on joining the Gateways Registry.


Q: Where can I find the trainings needed for the IDHS CCAP Training Requirements?

A: Please review the official announcement from IDHS for more information. You can also find helpful information on our Gateways to Opportunity website page for CCAP Providers.


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